Lake Albert Safari Lodge is one of the infrastructural innovations established in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, to provide medium range accommodation for tourist visiting the reserve. The lodge fully furnished, with a swimming pool and has 11 beautiful grass thatched cottages and a decent camping facility aimed at providing comfortable, affordable and luxurious accommodation.

Construction of the lodge began in 2005 and ended in 2007. Entirely constructed out of local materials supplied by organized Local Community Groups, the construction of the Lodge was earmarked by Lake Albert Safaris as one of the first areas of financial benefit for the community.


In April 2005, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Hoima District Local Government and Lake Albert Safaris Limited (a private company) entered into a partnership, for collaborative Management of Wildlife in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, and the adjacent Kaiso-Tonya Community wildlife Area.

The Kabwoya, Kaiso-Tonya Collaborative Wildlife Management Partnership was one of the first and has prevailed to become one of the most successful private-public partnerships for Wildlife Management in Uganda.  The objective of the partnership is to create and maintain a wildlife-rich area, with the mutual benefit accrued to all the stakeholders, the tourist and the wildlife.


Kabwoya Wildlife reserve is a hidden gem situated on the floor of Albertine Rift Valley. In its’ position, between the rift valley escarpment, Lake Albert and breathtaking Blue Mountains of the DR Congo to the west, the reserve presents one of the best scenic areas in western Uganda.

It is characterized by beautiful waterfalls, from the rift valley escarpment, remote savannah plains and striking views of Lake Albert and the magnificent Blue mountains of DRC.

The Reserve covers an area of 87 Km2 and is boarded to the north by a community wildlife Area called Kaiso – Tonya. The two areas originally constituted the Kaiso-Tonya Controlled Hunting Area, gazetted in 1963. is Wildlife reserve was gazetted in 1980 and became a wildlife Reserve in 2002 but till today, few people know about it.

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