Activities Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve


Kabwoya wildlife reserve is a perfect destination, ideal for a safari because it offers a variety of tourist activities that include; birding, nature walks, fossil hunting,
Cycling, Quad biking, Day and Night Game drives among others.

Day and night game drives


Enjoy a day or night guided game drive through the Kabwoya Wildlife reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is simply off of the map for most Safari Tour operators, they simply pass it by and tourists to Uganda miss out on one of the most scenic wonders found in Uganda – the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve which comprises of 87 square miles of protected land ready for you to explore!

Fossil hunting lake albert uganda


Go out on an expedition for fossils that have existed for generations.

Fossil hunting is one of the most important and interesting activities that allows tourists to go out on an expedition for fossils that have existed for generations.  Fossil Hunting on the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve produces results for visitors and is not just an exercise in futility – people actually find fossils here.

Birding Lake Albert


Over 460 species of birds in the reserve Bring along your Binocs and Cameras for the ultimate birding experience!

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is an important birding area, being home to over 460 species of birds including the Albertine Rift endemic bird species. You will need a cameras and binoculars for an ultimate birding experience.  Bird lists are available at the lodge

cycling kabowa wildlife reserve uganda


Get some exercise whilst viewing the abundant wildlife species of the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve!

This is a must-do activity for tourists who are interested in exercising while at the same time view different wildlife species within Kabwoya Wildlife reserve. The flat savannah plains of the Reserve offer easy and magnificent biking trails where participants can ride through easily.

quad biking lake albert uganda


Kabwoya is one of the only Wildlife reserves where Quad biking is conducted. Access remote areas that no other vehicles can reach. The ultimate safari adventure!

Kabwoya is one of the only Wildlife reserves where Quad biking is conducted. Quad excursions allow guests to explore distant areas with loose soil were motor vehicle cannot have access, thus offering guest the opportunity to relish the breathtaking scenery of the Wildlife reserve, the Wildlife and abundant bird life.

nature walks and hiking kabowa uganda


Nature walks are a must do for most tourists who visit Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

Guided Nature walks are a must do for most tourists who visit Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. The most interesting is when the nature walks are conducted from the Albertine Rift escarpment that rewards tourists with the breathtaking views of several antelope species, warthogs, primates and bird species among others.

Ready to explore off the beaten track? Visit the Kabwoya wildlife reserve in Uganda